IV/CB Community Forum Minutes

April 1, 2022

NOTE: The meeting schedule has been changed from every other Friday to the 1st and 3rd Friday’s of the month, beginning in April.

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Denise Davis – Moderator

As you may be aware, election season is upon us. How exciting is that? As a reminder, the policy for the Forum for this election season is… We’re happy to have candidates in person or on line. We will allow you 3 minutes to speak near the end of the meeting. If you’re a candidate and want to speak and you’re on Zoom, please send a note in the Chat Box. If you’re here in person…  I think we have 4 candidates. We’ll do that near the end of the meeting. We’ll begin with announcements. Kari. What’s happening at IVGID?

Kari Ferguson – Incline Village General Improvement District Communication Coordinator

Hi, Happy Friday everyone. I just want to let everyone know that on Sunday Diamond Peak will have its last day of operation, sadly, because of nonfreezing night temperatures and daytime warm temps. We had a great season. We hope you all did too. So wear your Hawaiian tees and get out there and have a great last weekend.

On Monday morning the Championship Golf driving range will open. I don’t have the hours, so I’ll email them. The information was just given to me this morning. I’ll send that information when I get it. And I’ll put the information about Diamond Peak in the Chat. I’ll let Sara handle the IVGID Board report. Hope everyone has a great day.

Judy Simon – Incline Village Resident

Will the golf course be available to walk on for a while?

Kari Ferguson

Yes, it is. We are still planning a mid-May opening. Weather permitting. Mother Nature has been very interesting this year. So right now you’re still able to walk on the cart paths.

Jeff Cowen – Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Public Information Officer

Good morning everyone. I have no real updates. We are still waiting for an application from EKN, the developers of Boulder Bay. They have let us know it should be coming soon. I’ve asked Paul Neilsen to come to a Community Forum meeting in the near future to introduce himself, and to take initial questions and concerns.

Helen Neff – Incline Village Resident

I have a question for Jeff. I’ve been emailing you about the 947 Tahoe Boulevard project. I just want to give the group an update because I did hear from Commissioner Alexis Hill. She’s checking on the status with the Washoe County Planning Division because the meeting that was supposed to be on March 1 wasn’t held. I also heard from the developer that they’re still in process of getting their approvals. So people who are concerned about that project—particularly with respect to the traffic safety at the intersection of Southwood, Northwood, and Highway 28—everything seems to be in a holding mode. Is that correct Jeff?

Jeff Cowen

Yes, we still haven’t received a formal application from them yet. We are in conversation with them and we’re working through permissible uses and density and things like that. So they’re not quite ready yet.

Sara Schmitz – Incline Village Resident, Incline Village General Improvement District Trustee

I have a question for both Jeff and also Commissioner Hill if she’s on. I attended the Veterans Club meeting yesterday, and two questions were asked:

• When a property owner has been notified they have to remove trees for improved defensible space, are there any funds available to assist property owners with the cost?

• The other question was about the status of new Justice Center and potentially a new Washoe County Sheriff substation that’s potentially in the works. I’m just wondering if there’s any information on those two questions.

Jeff Cowen

There is no rebate grant program for private property tree removal that I know of…yet. I’m not sure if there are any plans in the works for that. It’s a top concern we’re hearing more and more often from the community. Not just as costs go up but also… A friend of mine took out a Home Equity line of credit on his house for $15K to have several trees removed. We understand that is a huge cost and can be a hurdle, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed and our eyes and ears open. I don’t have any update on the Justice Center. I don’t see Alexis on, but if Tia wants to add to that, it would be great.

Patricia Moser Morris – Incline Village Resident

I have some information that might be helpful regarding grants for tree removal. About 2 years ago, I got a grant that paid 90% of the cost for forest upkeep for my HOA. I got that from the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District. They had this fund specifically for defense against wildfires. They had to spend it. So, I would ask NLTFPD.

Tia Rancourt – North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District Public Information Officer

I’m going to find out the status of the funding for defensible space. I don’t have the specifics on that. I’ll see if I can find out before the meeting is over.

Denise Davis

Thanks, Tia.

Cory Solferino – Washoe County Sheriff Office Captain

Good morning, everyone. There are lots of positive, good things going on at the WCSO. We’re coming up on our Shift Bid. Our deputies will be bidding for the summer rotation on Monday.  We’ll be welcoming a couple of new deputies to Incline Village who will be transferring from Reno Valley Patrol to Incline Village. So we’re excited for that. Also of note on Monday, our next Patrol Academy starts. That will be 5 weeks followed by 16 weeks of Field Training. We have the last of our four Incline deputies who will be going through that training. Then we will be totally self- sufficient. We won’t need additional deputies from Reno Valley to respond to backfill or open positions in Incline. We’ll have 18 deputies assigned to the Village.

You might remember a couple of months ago Sergeant Boyer transferred from the mountain back to Reno Valley patrol to be the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Sergeant. So we are down one sergeant. We promoted on Monday a new chief, a new captain, 2 new lieutenants, and 5 new sergeants. They’re going through their training programs. Next month we’ll be promoting an additional 2 lieutenants and 5 sergeants. So there’s a ton of movement in the WCSO in the leadership ranks. It’s really exciting. We’re young. There’s good energy around the place. So what I’ll be doing is once those sergeants are through their training program, I’ll open up that fifth sergeant position in Incline Village and test for that. So I hope to report in the next couple of meetings—who will be our new sergeant in the Village. We’re excited and gearing up for the special event season.

Mike McNulty – Incline Village Resident

I’m a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. My concern is with synthetic opiates, particularly with Fentanyl. Have you had any experience with that up here in the Village yet?

Cory Solferino

Moreso in the Valley. We have had a couple of cases over the course of the last year. Our deputies have gone through a Lock Zone and Administration training program. So our deputies carry that with them for suspected cases of overdoses. Incline isn’t immune to Fentany,l but it is more a Valley patrol issue than an Incline issue.

Mike McNulty

So nothing in incline Village?

Cory Solferino

I wouldn’t say nothing. I’d say there have been a couple of documented cases over the course of the last year. But a majority of our calls for nonresponsive subjects where a Fentanyl overdose is suspected are predominantly in Reno. I do have a couple of cases. I’d have to go back through our CAD system to look. I took over command last June/July. I can’t think of the dates off the top of my head.   

Mike McNulty

Alright, thank you. And then my last question is, there’s a new synthetic that’s supposedly 100% more lethal called ISO (isotonitazene), and I wonder if you have encountered that yet.

Cory Solferino

Not that particular variant, not that I’m aware of. There was another chemical compound that was a deviate of high-concentrated opiate – U4770. I think that was the chemical classification of it.

In 2019 5 pounds were recovered in Reno. But since I haven’t heard of any other documented cases. We have a specific unit—both a Federal task force and Regional task force. The Regional Narcotics Unit in concert with the DEA focuses on those types of chemical compounds.

Mike McNulty

Thank you very much.

Ryan Sommers – North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District Chief

Good morning. You know it’s getting dry quickly. So we’re going to be looking at closing our open-burning April 11. We’ll be discussing that with staff on Monday. But that could be coming very soon. Other than that—we’re plugging right along.

Helen Neff

I have a question for Captain Cory. Actually not a question, a compliment. I just appreciate all the attention WCSO is paying to traffic safety—specifically speeding. I’m wondering if there’s a way to provide statistics to the community regarding speeding citations issued this year versus last year, just within Incline Village and Crystal Bay—not all of Washoe County. Is that something that could be posted on IVCB Community 1st? I found something from February on your Facebook page. But I couldn’t find anything after that. So I’m wondering if it’s possible to bring more awareness to the community—especially coming into the summer season with visitors—about the importance of following the speed limit. 

Joseph Colacurcio – Washoe County Sheriff Office Sergeant

I can handle that. I do have the ability to post statistics to show how many contacts we’ve made recently and in the past based on the deputies’ [inaudible].  So if you’re looking for contacts, or what they’re looking at or what they’re citing for, we can break that down and give you a pretty accurate estimate of how many contacts were made. Breaking down where the contacts happen is a little bit more detailed and time-consuming. I can tell you how much we do in the area and how many deputies are working up here. I can provide that. But I will tell you—I looked at the numbers about a month ago, and compared last year to this year, and it’s about 10 times more than what it has been. That’s just contacts only. I’m not saying the increase in actual citations or warnings. It’s just contacts—someone’s stopped on the side of the road.

Helen Neff

Is it possible to have that posted somewhere public on a regular basis?

Joseph Colacurcio

Yes. I know that’s something we normally don’t do in the Valley. When we do directed enforcement such as our joint forces, which has 5 different directions pretty much, they do bring us statistics just for that. If that’s something the Captain is okay with me doing, we can do a report every month showing X amount of traffic contacts made by WCSO.

Kathie Julian – Incline Village Resident, Washoe County Citizen Advisory Board Member

Along the lines of what Helen was asking about statistics… Where do we get an accounting of traffic accidents on our streets including Highway 28 and also Mt. Rose Highway? How many vehicle accidents are in a given month on the highways? Where might we go for that type of statistic? And where might we advocate for such statistics to be publicized?

Joseph Colacurcio

So anything that happens on State Route 28 and Mt Rose Highway 431 is going to be under the jurisdiction of the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP). So I can refer you to them for all those statistics. We are normally the 1st responders on the scene first, but they actually take the accident report. So they have the statistics for where the accidents occurred, and all the background to that. Anywhere in the “non” areas… the State has that.Pretty much everywhere else that is unincorporated and not managed by NDOT—we can eventually provide statistics on how many crashes occur.

Kathie Julian

Okay with respect to the NHP, can you provide—perhaps at the next meeting—a contact for how we can connect or who we should reach out to there? Or it would be great if you could also reach out to them and say that there is interest in the community. I don’t believe they’ve ever come to one of our little meetings here.

Denise Davis

It’s been a while. We used to have an officer, but he has since retired.

Cory Solferino

Anecdotally,… I’ll just jump in here real quick. If you look at the hirings lately, you’ll see the State is not paying their officers too great—money and benefit packages—so a lot of them are fleeing. Over the course of the last 6 months, we’ve hired 12 of them. So it’s definitely had an impact on their presence in Incline Village. We tend to take up the slack. For those of you who remember the late season snow we had, there was a tractor-trailer jack-knifed on 28 over near Sand Harbor. We helped with security for that—for lack of a better term— for the better part of a day just because they didn’t have the resources to send over the hill. We’re not saying they’re absent at the wheel. They do have patrol officers assigned to Incline Village. It’s just they’ve been impacted dramatically. So please bear with them a bit as they go over their organizational structure issues on staffing.  The best contact number for them would be the main office in Reno to see if they could dispatch a sergeant or trooper to speak on their behalf.  But to Sergeant Cola’s point, Highways 28 and 431 are State highways. We do respond and assist but they have overall jurisdiction over those locations.

We can provide you with a general overview of accidents within Washoe County. It would take some work with our Research and Development section to break those up into accidents within Gerlach, Spanish Springs, Sun Valley, North Valley, South Valley, and Incline Village specifically, because we don’t keep stats on the individual area. I would ask you to look at our WCSO website. The State of the Sheriff Office is our annual report that we release at the end of January every year that has a lot of the yearly statistical data. Then on our actual website—

washoesheriff.com—we do post a lot of our quarterly numbers. Again, it’s agency-wide and not specific to Incline Village. But as we hire a new Public Information Officer—since Sara Johns is resigning and going on to other ventures—we’ll work with our new PIO  and Community Engagement Office to see if we can get some  traction behind our WCSO Facebook page and post that data you’re interested in.

Linda Offerdahl – Incline Village Crystal Bay Business Association Executive Director

[Because of poor audio on the Zoom recording, Linda Offerdahl asked for the following to be included in the recap.]

Live, Work, Play is at the Post office. Don’t throw it away as junk mail. The cover story is about Judge Tiras and the Incline Justice Court. So I hope everybody enjoys that.

The Local Heroes 4th of July weekend is getting organized and Rotary will put on the parade again this year on July 2nd.

There are two community events that I think are pretty momentous. The Washoe Tahoe Workforce Housing Partnership is reconvening. They’ll have an initial meeting on April 7. They have found some more funding. The Advisory Committee is mostly the same as it was for the study last year.

Parasol and IVCBA are partnering on the Washoe Tahoe Community Collaborative Summit April 13. The agencies, County, nonprofits and other service providers will come together to examine the complex issues that face our community and need collaboration. Amber Howell, head of Washoe County Health and Human Services, will be the keynote speaker.

John Crockett – Washoe County Library Head Librarian

We have a great event April 5th. It’s the Incline High School student artist reception. We have Incline student art in our galleries through April. So a couple of students plus the art teacher will discuss how they designed some of their art. So come by between 5-7. Thank you.


Did you want to talk about the new art in our Children’s Corner?

John Crockett

Absolutely. Sara Smith has completed the mural in our children’s area. It’s really a one-of-a-kind children’s area. I’ve never seen anything like it in public libraries. We have a traditional Washoe winter shelter, and now a complementary mural by Sara Smith with a Washoe welcome message, a cave rock, and lots of little animals, and hidden things in the mural. It’s really beautiful, so come check that out.

Denise Davis

I got a message from Commissioner Hill this morning that she would not be able to join us. But she asked me to remind everyone that the application deadline to serve on the IV Mobility Hub Committee is April 8, next Friday, at 5pm. If you’re interested or want more information, the URL is in the Chat Box and will be in the meeting recap. You can Google Incline Village Mobility Hub, which will also likely get you there.

Additionally, Washoe County is also seeking applicants to serve on the Washoe Board of Adjustment and the Washoe County Planning Commission. If you’re interested the URL will be in the Chat Box and in the meeting recap. Both deadlines are April 20 at 5pm. You can find more information on the County website. As a side note, the Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission make a lot of decisions that affect our community, so it would be great to have a local person fill those spots.

The Board of County Commissioners doesn’t meet this next Tuesday. The 1st Tuesday of the month is not a Commissioner meeting date. So the next meeting will be April 12.

As far as Tahoe Transportation District news, the TTD Board and Finance Committee will be meeting on April 6. And the IV Mobility Hub Committee will be meeting April 13. Information about their agendas is available via URLs in the Chat Box and in our meeting recap.

The Washoe County IVCB Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) will meet April 4 from 5:30-7:00 pm. It’s a Zoom meeting only. On the agenda is an Introduction to the Neighborhood Development Meeting Hub website, which will be explained by Dave Solaro, Assistant Washoe County Manager. And Amy Cummings from Parametrix, who met with us a few weeks ago, will be talking about the mobility study.

I did have a request from former Commissioner Marsha Berkbigler to speak today, but she’s not here in person, and I don’t see her on line, so we’ll move on. Sara Schmitz asked if she could do the IVGID meeting highlights.

Sara Schmitz

I’m here to give a brief rundown of the decisions that were made at this week’s Board of Trustees Meeting:  

• On the Consent Calendar, one of the items that had been of community interest was the Mountain Course Golf Cart Path project. The Board approved final payment after negotiating with both contractors involved with that project.

• Under General Business, the Board approved spending up to $20,000 for a lobbyist to attempt to procure funds from State, County, and other jurisdictions to support funding for the effluent pipeline and pond-lining project.

• The Board approved the 2022 season golf rates. They concluded that even though the pricing structure for the Mountain Course doesn’t cover operational costs, the Board determined that the Mountain Course has community value, and is willing to continue to subsidize operations and capital improvement projects for the Mountain Course.

* The Board also approved the pricing structure for the Chateau and Aspen Grove. The pricing structure for IVGID picture-pass holders is different from that for non-picture-pass holders. 

• There was a discussion about our upcoming Budget approval. The Board determined they will keep the Facility Fee (a combination of the Beach Fee and the Recreation Fee) at a total of $780. The tentative budget will be coming up at our next meeting. If there are any questions, let me know. Otherwise, thank you.

Judy Simon- Incline Village Resident, TRPA Planning Advisory Commission Member

Sara, can you explain what happened at the Recreation Center that caused its closure this week?

Kari Ferguson

We had a boiler issue. So the boiler caused the backflow to fail. We didn’t have water. And without water we can’t have the building open due to not having restrooms. That’s why it was completely closed. And then we got water back, but only cold – not heated. But now everything is back to normal. The pool temperature should be back up to normal by this afternoon. It’s such a big body of water it takes it a while to get back up to its normal temperature. That’s layman’s terms, of course, because I’m not a mechanic or an engineer. That’s how it was explained to me so that’s how I’m explaining it to you guys.

Denise Davis

I have a couple more announcements.

• There will be a public hearing to set new IVGID utility rates for water and sewer on April 27 at 6pm.

• For those who might not be aware, our local Sierra Nevada University is joining with University of NV Reno. Updates about that can be found online.

• The Washoe County Health District has additional vaccine boosters available. And you can get more information online.

• Incline resident Joe Farrell who’s a regular at our Forum has an application called Pulse Point that is now active. He’s out of town now but will be talking with us in May about the app, but it is live and available. It’s a very interesting and thorough app.

So the URLs for all of these are in the Chat Box and will be in the recap.

Tia Rancourt

I want to circle back on the rebate question. We do have a rebate available for work that’s done with a certified contractor. Those lists are on our website. What needs to happen is a DSC would need to take place. Then we would come out to evaluate your property, and identify what needs to be done. You would use the folks on the Certified Contractor list to get your work completed. The grant will help pay for 50% up to $1000 for the work. The contact person for this is our Fields Prevention Specialist Ryan Dominguez. I’ll put his information in the Chat.  

I also want to comment on Pulse Point.  We launched that last week , and posted on it every day last week. We got something posted on it yesterday. We’re really encouraging folks to sign up. They’re finding statistically that it greatly increases survivability rates. We’re really excited about it. We will have monthly CPR classes available. That schedule is also available on our website. Folks interested in getting certified for CPR do the class, and then please sign up for Pulse Point at the App Store or Google play.

Ann Nichols – North Tahoe Preservation Alliance Director

You know how important this is about getting our members on the Washoe County Planning Department and Board of Adjustment. At the Board of Adjustment hearing for Boulder Bay, they made our local representative Kristina Hill recuse herself. The other four guys on the Board don’t even live here. Three entities appealed. So then it went to the Board of Commissioners. At that hearing on Boulder Bay, they wouldn’t give an Incline resident or my nonprofit—North Tahoe Preservation Alliance—“legal standing” – although we had appealed to Washoe County Commissioners in 2009. And none of the Commissioners live here. So they shouldn’t have legal standing either. This is a terrible precedent. We have projects coming down the road—the Ponderosa Ranch, 947 Tahoe Boulevard—and if you don’t live within 500 feet, you don’t have legal standing to appeal decisions. Certainly here in California you don’t. But as you know fires don’t respect 500 feet.

Denise Davis

Thank you, Ann. And just to add some detail, Board of Adjustment member from Incline, Kristina Hill was asked to recuse herself from the vote, because she had previously signed a petition. So the County legal staff advised her she needed to recuse herself from deciding on that action.

Judy Simon

I just wonder if the vacancy that’s on the Board of Adjustment is Kristina Hill’s seat. Is she not available or has she termed out? Do you have any information?  

Denise Davis

According to the website, her term ends at the end of June. I don’t know if she’s reapplying. They just sent out the notice that her seat would be available.

Judy, while we have you on, you let me know your TRPA Advisory Planning Commission April meeting was cancelled. Do you want to give information about that?

Judy Simon

I don’t have any information except that I got a notice that the meeting was cancelled. I’m watching Boulder Bay carefully, but I didn’t know if that was even going to come before the APC. If it is, it won’t be this month.

Kathie Julian

I have a request for Judy. She attended a TRPA Housing Working Group Meeting that discussed ADUs coverage and setbacks and things like that. I wonder if she could brief us on that?

Judy Simon

I could, and you can circle around to me at the end if there’s time, but I had planned to do that report at the CAB on Monday afternoon.

Jack Dalton, MD – Incline Village Resident

There was a question at the Veterans meeting about where the vaccine can be obtained. You can get it at Safeway and Rite Aid in Kings Beach. Go online and make an appointment.

As far as the ADUs, I support the concept, but I hope that my concern is being addressed. I wouldn’t want them to be in IVCB if they can be used as Short-Term Rentals. That would be a major tragedy. ADUs in California are to increase housing for the community. And it will not happen if they are used as STRs. Is there any discussion about that?

Denise Davis

The Commissioner has made that a concern and she’s investigating to see if there’s a way to restrict them from becoming STRs. That’s all I can tell you.

Jack Dalton

Well, I can’t say anything negative about certain things, so I’ll wait to see what happens.

Jeff Cowen

TRPA updated our ADU regulations last year to try to increase workforce housing. And we did include that any ADUs added to a residential parcel under the new rules are restricted to long-term rentals. They are not to be used as STRs. We have reporting and auditing methods built into that. It was slightly different in California versus Nevada because we decreased the lot size in California to “any size.” But in Nevada you still have to have more than 1 acre to add an ADU. Even if Washoe County updates its ADU rules, that would still apply. If you apply for a permit for an ADU, if it’s at least 1 acre in size, TRPA would still require that it be intended for workforce housing, and used for long-term rental only.

Also, I’m not speaking for the library or the organizers of this meeting, but I hope we can all voice disagreement. I think they’re just calling for respect. But I certainly want to hear disagreement as much as possible, so feel free.  

Ann Nichols

Just as a realtor for a million years, the affordable housing in Washoe County at Lake Tahoe…  they never had the ability to police it or enforce it. So when it was sold, it didn’t necessarily go to affordable housing. So one wonders how that’s going to work with STRs. Usually Washoe County follows what the rest of the Lake counties are doing as far as ADUs. Just a heads up.

Shirley Appel – Incline Village Resident, HOA President

I’m President of the Republican Women’s Club here in Incline Village and we are going to be having a Candidates Forum April 12. This is for Republican and nonpartisan candidates. We’d love to have any and all of you. The nonpartisan positions include judges and IVGID. All nonpartisan candidates have to be registered Republicans. It’s at the Chateau from 5-8pm April 12. You have to sign up in advance. If anyone has any interest you can contact me at: mrsradar@aol.com. You have to sign up to attend and there is a cost involved. Be sure to sign up.

Steve Price – McCloud HOA President

I want to announce that once again on Memorial Day the 30th of May the Veterans Club will be hosting an event down at Burnt Cedar Beach at 9am. Last year we had about 120 people. We hope all of you will show up. This will be the first year during the last 10 that I wont’ be there, but I look forward to being there next year. Thank you.

Denise Davis

All right. The part we’ve all been looking forward to—candidates. We have a speaker over here on this side and one on the other side. Tom Daly asked first, so I’ll let him go first. Introduce yourself. We do have Tom’s contact information, which will be in the Chat Box and in the meeting recap.

Tom Daly – Republican Candidate for Assembly District 26

Hello and thank you for having me. I’m Tom Daly, Conservative Republican candidate for State Assembly District 26, which includes Incline Village. I’ve served on the Washoe County Citizens Advisory Board and on the Washoe County Planning Commission, so I’m not new to politics in the County. I’m a regular contributor to the Reno Gazette Journal on issues of governance, fire protection, emergency dispatch, and now election integrity. I’m a proud signer of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. So if you send me to Carson City, I’m not going to vote to raise your taxes—not now, not ever. Not all my competitors have signed the pledge, so beware.

With limited time this morning, I’m only going to talk about two issues. The first is election integrity, which has been in the media for the past 2 months. I have a multipart plan to address this issue if I go to the legislature, including traditional legislation, with a strategy to actually get a vote on the voter ID issue. Lisa Krasner tried that in 2017 with Assembly Bill 164 but it didn’t pass, it didn’t get a vote on floor. It didn’t get a vote in committee. Because the Democrats didn’t want to go on record as opposing that issue because it’s so popular. The Monmouth University poll last June found 80% of Americans think showing a photo ID when you vote is a good idea; and 62% of Democrats think it is a good idea. But our Legislature won’t pass it. Well, if you can’t go through the Legislature, you can go around the Legislature. We did that in 1994 with term limits. You amended the State Constitution. We can do it with the Initiative Process—which is actually underway—and with the referendum process – also underway—a completely separate petition. So that’s part of my strategy as well. When we get a Republican Governor, and maybe a Republican State Senator, we will have leverage even if we don’t control the Assembly, to get a vote. We can hold their bills hostage until they let us vote on this issue—up or down, but we want a vote.

Closer to home if you live in Assembly District 26, there have been 5 wildfires since 2011. There were 84 homes burned to the ground, 39 heavily damaged, and 2 lives lost in wind-driven wildfires. Two came within a mile of my home. I have a strategy to fix that. There is Federal money and State money, but what we don’t have is a Nevada Division of Forestry focused on the issue. My community has gotten grants before. I was turned down last week for a grant because the grant was “too small.” Thank you.

Denise Davis

And thank you. Again this is Tom Daly running for a seat in State Assembly District 26.

Yolanda Knaak – Incline Village Resident, Candidate for IVGID Trustee

Hello. I’m Yolanda Knaak running for IVGID trustee. I want to tell you first of all just how thankful I am to live here. I love to be here and I love the people too. When I sat down to think about my campaign and what I bring to the table, I bring transparency and reliability.

I have a Masters degree from UCLA. I have a lifelong registered nursing career. I was a supervisor of a branch for 5 years and also owned my own business for 3 years. I’m now retired and I manage two Nevada family trusts. I do want to mention one current issue that’s before the IVGID Board right now – the Audit Committee recommendations, which are basic business reporting recommendations that were recommended by a previous audit. Unfortunately, they didn’t get passed in March, so I’m hoping they will get passed in April. I’ve written letters supporting the Audit Committee recommendations. I support and uphold the US Constitution and the Nevada law. I also believe in the saying, “Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly,” from the Book of Micah. Please email me if you’re interested in helping me with my campaign:  yolandaforIVGID@gmail.com. I can’t do it by myself, so I need lots of help and support. Please vote for me to make IVGID better. Thank you so much. Yolanda Knaak for IVGID.

Dave Noble – Incline Village Resident, Candidate for IVGID Trustee

I can be reached at Noble4IVGID@gmail.com. I’ve been a year-round, full-time Incline resident for 25 years. I moved here to take a job as an attorney at the NV Public Utilities Commission. For the best part of those 25 years I regulated gas, water, and telecom and electric utilities including small water and sewer utilities. I’m retiring from the Commission next Thursday so I’ll have a lot of free time now. Personally, my wife moved up here in 1998 and we raised 2 daughters here. They’re currently a sophomore and senior at Incline High School. For volunteer work, I have been a [xxx] referee for 10 years. I coached age 12-14 girls soccer for 6 years. Also, the last 3 years I’ve been one of the high-school coaches for the Incline bike team. And also I’m a volunteer free diver for cleaning up the lake since November. So it’s been real cold water but still fun. If elected, my main purpose is to ensure IVGID makes rational, reasonable, long-term investments in our infrastructure and sports facilities for the future benefit of the community. Again, I can be reached at Noble4IVGID@gmail.com.

Greg Juhl –  Candidate for NV State Assembly District #26

Good morning. I’m Greg Juhl. I’m running for NV State Assembly. I’m a conservative Republican as well. I’ve been an Emergency Room doctor here in town for 18 years. I’m a small business owner. I have a middle-schooler. I don’t work at Incline, but if things get bad enough, you guys will see me at Regional—so hopefully that doesn’t happen. I’ll keep my time short here. I’ll just say that I live in Galena Forest, and some of our issues are the same, but some of them are different. That’s why I’m here this morning. Just to learn about what’s going on in Incline. www.Gregjuhl.com

Denise Davis

Just to let everyone know, I emailed all candidates who filed to run for IVGID trustee [Albert Buckner, Tim Callicrate, Yolanda Knaak, Gail Krolick, Bradley Mindlin, David Noble, and Ray Tulloch] and have invited each to come and speak. Hopefully we’ll see everyone in the course of our election season. Any last questions on line or in person? Nope. Well, have a great couple of weeks. Stay safe and healthy. We’ll see you on April 15th.

Ronda Tycer – IVCB Forum Recap Editor

I just want to remind everyone that we changed the Forum meeting schedule to the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month – not every 2 weeks. Thanks.

Denise Davis

So only 2 meetings during April.


09:02:12               Our forum email is:


Incline Village Mobility Hub committee application (deadline  April 8 at 5:00 pm) 


Washoe County Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment openings (deadline  April 20 at 5:00 pm)


IV/CB Citizen Advisory Board meeting – April 4 agenda


TTD /C Board and Finance Committee meetings – April 6 agenda

IVGID public hearing to set sewer and water rates – April 27


Washoe County/Reno/Sparks  Covid19 info

Board of County Commissioners (BCC) general info


Planning applications for Commission District 1



IV/CB Community 1st meetings and community info


IVCBA (Incline Village Crystal Bay Community and Business Association)


Sierra Nevada University and UNR transition update


PulsePoint press release


09:23:18               From  Washoe County Libraries : washoesheriff.com for WCSO annual report and stat dashboard

09:33:33               From  ann nichols : I’d like to comment on a topic-

09:41:33               From  IVGID Communications : https://www.diamondpeak.com/events/details/projected-closing-day

09:42:28               From  IVGID Communications : https://www.yourtahoeplace.com/events/the-bunny-trail-community-egg-hunt

09:42:47               From  Washoe County Libraries : Fun stuff, thanks Kari!

09:43:41               From  ann nichols : I’d like to respond to STR issue

09:45:55               From  Tia Rancourt : Rebate info – 50% up to $1000 after completing a defensible space inspection and work completed by a certified contractor www.nltfpd.org/defensiblespace.

POC Ryan Dominguez 775-833-8130

09:47:15               From  Washoe County Libraries : mrsradar@aol.com to contact Shirley re: IV Republican Women and candidate forum on 4/12

09:47:42               From  kathie julian : For information about Democrats running for offices in Washoe and NV State, please go to: www.washoedems.org

09:48:09               From  Washoe County Libraries : dalyforassembly26@gmail.com; www.dalyforassembly26.com, 775 895-2066

09:51:53               From  Judith Simon: This speaker should be able to let us know his qualifications and platform without characterizing the legislative composition, strategy, etc.

09:52:37               From  Washoe County Libraries : yolanda4ivgid@gmail.com

09:52:45               From  Washoe County Libraries : electyolandaknaak.com

09:53:06               From  Judith Simon : Camera in the library meeting room has gone out of focus

09:53:11               From  kathie Julian: Thank you Judy. This is correct. Our Forum meetings should not be a platform for bashing the opposition party or officials in office.

09:54:50               From  Washoe County Libraries : noble4ivgid@gmail.com

09:57:21               From  Washoe County Libraries : www.gregjuhl.com; greg@gregjuhl.com


Ann Nichols

Bruce Townsend

Corey Solferino (Captain Cory)

Darlene Velicki

David Noble

David Simon

Denise Davis

Doug Flaherty

Greg Juhl

Helen Neff

Jack Dalton

Jacquie Chandler

Jeff Cowen

John Crockett

Jon and Beth Davidson

Joseph Colacurcio (Sergeant Cola)

Judy Miller

Judy Simon

Kari Ferguson

Kathie Julian

Linda Offerdahl

Leili Eghbal

Mike McNulty

Miranda Jacobson

Nick Maiocco

Pam Straley

Patricia Moser Morris

Ronda Tycer

Ryan Sommers (Chief Ryan)

Sally Miller

Sara Schmitz

Shirley Appel

Steve Price

Tia Rancourt

Tom Daly

Yolanda Knaak

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