IV/CB Community Forum Meeting Minutes

July 21, 2023

Denise Davis – IVCB Forum Moderator

Good morning, forum. I’m Denise Davis, your moderator. Ronda Tycer is our forum recap editor, and John Crockett is our tech guru.

As a reminder, this meeting is being recorded. Before you begin speaking, please state your name. While speaking, please be respectful—personal attacks will not be tolerated. For those online, if you’d like to share URLs, post them in the Chat Box and they’ll be included in the meeting recap. We partner with IVCB Community 1st.org and IVCBA.org to get information out. So, be sure to visit their websites and sign up for their newsletters. To sign up for our forum meeting notices and recaps, send an email to us at ivcbcommunityforum@gmail.com. This room is reserved immediately after our meeting, so our discussion has to end by 10:10. Please keep this in mind regarding the length and number of times you speak. We’re trying not to set limits for speaking, but we need everyone’s help to have beneficial discussions and finish on time. Thank you.

Kari Ferguson from IVGID let me know she would be out of town this morning. So I’ll cover IVGID. We have sad news in a recent IVGID announcement, which states:

“Recently, the District reported several racial and hate speech incidents at the beach venues. The Incline Village General Improvement District has a zero-tolerance policy in place, which states:

“Abusive behavior of staff or other customers will not be tolerated. All District rules must be adhered to. Recreation privileges MAY be suspended for any period deemed appropriate or privileges may be revoked at District’s sole discretion.”

The District is taking action regarding these recent incidents, as this behavior is not tolerated at any District venues including the beaches. Each and every resident and their guests are expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner with EVERYBODY at our venues. Your adherence to this policy is mandatory to keep our venues safe.”

• There will be a meeting of the IVGID Audit committee July 24 at 2:30pm. The agenda has been posted. For possible action are items:

a verbal staffing update

a revised 5-year capital plan report

a verbal audit status report from Davis-Farr

a verbal status report on the Open Matters Accounting Look Back project

a verbal report on the summary of whistleblower complaints

• The Board of Trustees will meet Wednesday July 26. The agenda is not yet posted.

There are a ton of activities going on at IVGID with something for everyone including the pickleball tournament, senior hikes, and bike rides. There is a multitude of activities and something for all ages. So check in at the IVGID website and also sign up for their newsletters.

Curbside yard debris collection ends July 28. So this is the last week for disposing of your yard debris. You’ll have another opportunity to dispose of yard waste in the month of October.

Live music continues at the Incline Beach on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4 – 7pm.

Blaine Beard – Washoe County Sheriff Office Incline Substation Captain

The WCSO substation has been deemed inhabitable. They are not ready to begin construction next door, so we’ll be where we are for another month. We’ll let you know when and how the move will take place and where we’ll be when. We’re hoping to remain in the old library location for as long as possible but the decision is above my pay grade.

We have a new Office Specialist to replace Karen who left March 27th. Danielle Haley will be our new Specialist. She’s finishing her 1st week of training and within 1-2 weeks we’ll have all our amenities available. We’ll put out a press release at that time to let you know when you can come to the substation again for all things we used to provide prior to the move.

I won’t speak about the upcoming fire evacuation but will let Chief Sommers report on that. We’ve been involved in meetings the past 1-2 weeks working on logistics. I’ve received numerous phone calls complaining about the construction on Highway 28. I’ve sat through a few of the 25-minute waits myself. We’re working with NV State police and will do what we can. We’ll see if law enforcement can mitigate the delays. We’ll also check to ensure that the delays are not beyond what’s permitted. We’ll address what we can.

Last week I mentioned some crime stats because a few big cases have made headlines. We want to reassure the IVCB community that there’s been no uptick in crime. We get stats on Beat 7—which is IVGB—on a monthly basis for the Big Five crimes:

1 – Commercial burglary – the 3 year average is 1, and we just had 1

2 – Grand theft auto – the average is 1/month and we’ve had 0

3 – Residential burglaries – the average is 2/month and we’ve had 0

4 – Vehicle burglaries —the average is 1/month and we’ve had 0

5 – [missed]

We’re being as proactive as possible and we’re proud of these stats. Starting next week we will begin additional patrols along Lakeshore and up 28 to enforce traffic, pedestrian safety, and parking. This is made possible by money obtained through grants to ensure these are proactively met.

Denise Davis

Helene Larson has emailed a message regarding large vehicles on residential streets. I’ll give you that message.

Helen Neff – Incline Village Resident

I’m wondering what happened with the accident at the intersection of Southwood and 28 on July 12th. Was it just a fender bender? Is there any information on the child who was hit in the crosswalk in Kings Beach?

Blaine Beard

I don’t have any information on the Kings Beach accident. But I’ll look into it. The July 12th accident was just a fender bender. Most small traffic incidents don’t get reported to me. But I’ll look into it. I can let you know after the meeting if you’ll give me your number.

Helen Neff


Yolanda Knaak – Incline Village Resident

What’s it going to take to get no parking on Highway 28 from Incline to the Washoe County border? There are signs just past Sand Harbor. I was driving back from Carson City and people were walking on the highway. It was all I could do to stop and not hit them.

Blaine Beard

I’ve been going back and forth on this. People are pulling their carts; they’re opening their car doors into oncoming traffic. I’ll get with Sergeant Dodge to see if we can get signage through the NV Department of Transportation (NDOT). We’re looking for an answer.

Kathie Julian – Incline Village Resident

I was walking on Lakeshore yesterday and again there were e-bikes going very fast, approaching me from behind. There are e-bikes going 25mph on the path. What is the option for reporting? And what is the accountability for crashes between e-bikes and pedestrians?

Blaine Beard

We don’t have anything that’s enforceable right now. We’re working with Washoe County to get an ordinance we can enforce. We’re also working with Amy Berry and Alexis Hill to address the e-bike topic. But until we have a law on the books, we’ll work with local jurisdictions to put up signage for pedestrians and e-bikes. I’m checking with other jurisdictions to see what they have so we can have similar signs. So we’ll be putting up signs—but not too many—prior to getting a law on the books. There are now a lot of e-bike rental places throughout the village. We’ll also be more present. We’ll have deputies on e-bikes along the path for pedestrian and bike safety. Right now we just don’t have the teeth on the books.

Shirley Appel – Incline Village Resident

I am concerned about Oriole Street. Do we not have a noise ordinance?

Blaine Beard

There is a county noise ordinance. Give me time and dates.

Shirley Appel

Last night was horrific. There are four cars parked across the street with wings on the back: 2 blue, a black, and a red. One blue is in and out of there every 20 minutes all afternoon and evening. He pulls out and guns it all the way down Oriole as loud as he can. This is constant. Sometimes he drives east and sometimes west from the parking lot to Southwood and then up Southwood.

Denise Davis

Jeff Cowen put in the Chat that TRPA has a noise ordinance.

Shirley Appel

I hear these cars constantly. Please do something. And who owns the easement in front of the apartments? Who owns the land from the apartments out to the street?

Blaine Beard

Washoe County.

Shirley Appel

All week there’s been a white pickup truck parked behind the trees with a load of plastic garbage bags full of trash near Southwood and Oriole. There are two No Parking sign arrows. But people constantly park between the arrows. I live right on the corner. Across the street is the large apartment complex. All along the street there are No Parking signs, but people park there constantly. And the blue car with the wing parks there and then guns the engine. Something has to be done with the speeding and noise.

Blaine Beard

We can have a couple of deputies try to find the vehicles and find the owners.

John Crockett

You can call the WCSO non-emergency number.

Shirley Appel

And we also have road construction, so trucks are coming in and out of that area.

Blaine Beard

I’ll drive down after the meeting to check it out.

Denise Davis

The non emergency number to call if 775 785 9276.

Jennifer Greenough – Incline Village Resident

I’ve been parking on the other side of the street at the Chimney Beach parking lot, but it’s treacherous to get across the street to the trail. There’s no crosswalk, so it’s challenging to get across. The cars don’t slow down. That may be something to look at.

Blaine Beard

Thanks for calling our attention. I appreciate it.

Denise Davis

Is the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) still in force?

Blaine Beard

Yes it is. Every year we celebrate the WCSO Sheriff’s Picnic. This year we’ll celebrate on September 16th. We appreciate your time and your questions.

Denise Davis

And now for our big presentation. We’re excited to hear about the upcoming evacuation drill.

Ryan Sommers – North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District Chief

As we announced, we’ll be having the evacuation drill August 16th from 9am -12pm. We’ll evacuate the Ponderosa subdivision. Those residents will evacuate to the Recreation Center. Other members of the public can also go to the Rec Center. The evacuees will be given wristbands, and anybody else who shows up at the Rec Center will have a different colored band. That’s mainly for accountability. Once a resident leaves their house in an evacuation, they are no longer liable for it. We will have an informational flyer soon.

This is a very short-time planning effort, but the group is coming together well. We’ll have a press release out soon. And we’ll get that to you, Denise. So that’s a work in progress.


On the other stuff, our chipping and defensible-space online requests are going well. We have multiple places where you can get that so you can get those service apps for your residences. Insurance non-renewals are increasing for homeowners. Please, if you get a non-renewal, get hold of us. We’ll provide the insurer with the work that we’ve done or that we’ve asked to be done to hopefully get your policy renewed.

It’s getting hotter outside, and fire season is picking up, more in the northwest and the northern part of Nevada than here. We have one crew that went to Idaho yesterday and 2 crews still here at home. The Tahoe Basin sent 5 engines to the Rabbit Fire. NLTFPD didn’t respond to that one, but the Basin did. Those engines are back with the other agencies.

Denise Davis

Do you want to say anything about the CWPP?

Ryan Sommers

It’s still a work in progress. I haven’t seen the draft yet, but once it’s published, then there’s a 30-day feedback period on the plan itself. I know they’re using the exact same forms with other agencies around the lake because this is one plan for the entire Tahoe Basin including 2 states, 6 counties, and 6 fire districts. [2:10 inaudible]

Denise Davis

The CWPP is your opportunity to make comments as a citizen about your concerns, observations—anything you want to tell them—about the plan. So take that opportunity.

Margaret Martini – Incline Village Resident

I want to compliment Ryan and the department for all the defensible space work they’re doing on the brush and stuff along Tyner. The other day there were several trucks.

Ryan Sommers

So, that’s a good point. Our crews used to go around in big crew haulers—big buses. And after years of doing that, we found it’s actually cheaper for us if they go in their pickups. So the crews are now using pickups. You’ll see the chief-like vehicles, but that’s actually the crew. It’s cheaper to operate 4-5 pickups rather than those big crew carriers.

Margaret Martini

They’re doing a phenomenal job making a big night-and-day difference. And I just want you to know the neighborhood has noticed and appreciates it a lot.

Denise Davis

Spread the word about the August 16th drill. Tell everybody you know—friends, neighbors, even people who don’t like you—because it’s just hard to get the word out nowadays. Everyone has his or her own way of getting information. And it’s just hard to hit all those places.

Tia Rancourt – North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District Information Officer

And on that note… [4:11 inaudible]. We’ll be posting and making [  ] graphics for making a plan similar to [4:29 inaudible] — be prepared and practice your plan. We’ll do those once a week up until the drill….things like that. [inaudible 4:40]

We’ll also have a table at IVGID’s Music at the Beach and yesterday I was at the IVGID Conversation Café to talk about it. I’m going to go a couple more times. Ask who’s signed up for Code Red. [inaudible 4:58] said I’ll be back next week and hope to see everybody raise their hands. We’ll be at the live music at the beach on Fridays. We’ll be there tonight with a table to sign folks up for Code Red and tell them about the drill. If people have questions, we’re there. It’s a good way to catch folks in one group setting. Thank you IVGID for allowing us to do that.

Blaine Beard

We’ll be there as well.

Kathie Julian

What is the CWPP?

Ryan Sommers

That’s the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). It doesn’t have to do with the evacuation drill. They are two separate things.

Kathie Julian

Right. And that’s being prepared right now over a period of time?

Ryan Sommers

The CWPP is. Also, the new evacuation plan is as well. We’ve been going through a 5-step process and are now completing Step 3.

Kathie Julian

In our last CAB meeting, it didn’t appear that Kelly Echeverria of Washoe County was terribly receptive to community input on a regular basis on this. Were you able to negotiate for more community input so we can get a more robust plan from the Incline Village perspective?  

Ryan Sommers

I’ll take on 50% of that right now. We got some better buy-in from the County for community input. This is very preliminary and we don’t have all the details yet. But we’re going to host a community forum—location to be determined—in September or October. We want to do it after the evacuation drill and get the do’s and don’t’s out of that—what worked well and what did not work well. In the community forum—September or October—we’ll ask for community members input on the evacuation drill.

But I’m going to start today, right now. I’m going to be very strict that the forum will be a very professionally-run meeting. If people are coming there just to naysay and tell us all the personal problems they’re having with the evacuation drill, that won’t be tolerated. I want a professional environment—a true community forum. We’ll talk and discuss and take the ideas and do our best to implement them into the evacuation plan. Kelly has agreed to conduct such a forum with us.

Kathie Julian

Okay, thank you. Following up on that, the planned evacuation drill doesn’t involve Highway 28 or any of the stretches of road in and out of the basin that will be the ones most taxed in the event of a serious fire. How are you proposing to address that? It seems that it would be unfortunate if one were to conclude that the evacuation drill addresses the challenges in evacuating from the basin here if it doesn’t involve exiting from the basin. How are you addressing that aspect of the evacuation?

Ryan Sommers

Believe it or not, Kathie, you’re not the first one to bring this up. That’s a very valid point. We have to do a better job of explaining what will happen in an evacuation. In the event of an evacuation, we may not evacuate the entire town. In fact there’s a good chance we won’t. We need to educate the public that we may send evacuees to a shelter not within the fire area. The first one that comes to mind, and which is a very sturdy building, is the high school. They’re going to be safe. And there are other different properties around Incline to use as a temporary refuge area. Temporary Refuge Areas (TRAs) [inaudible 9:43]. During the Paradise fire, they expanded that. They actually took the public and put them in a strip mall. If you watch that documentary on it, they put the public in a strip mall and all survived.  It’s getting them off the highways. And Kathie, you’re right. We’ve got a huge issue with the highways. We don’t want to clog those up. That would be part of this community forum that we’ll hold in the coming months and talk about that. We need to better educate people. We may not even ask people to leave town entirely. We can move them to another part of town. We can get into the fire behavior and the topography of Incline and Crystal Bay. And I’ll do my best to explain why we would do that and folks would be safe just, for example, going to the other side of town.

Kathie Julian

Okay, and following up on Captain Beard’s comment, are you aware of the delays on Highway 28 and do you know what is causing those delays? I suggest one should factor in that kind of construction work in any evacuation model. Thank you very much.

Ryan Sommers

You bet.

Denise Davis

Bro C (online)—I don’t know who Bro-C is, but I see your question. A CWPP is a collaborative planning document that helps communities reduce the risk of wildfire. The process of developing a CWPP helps communities clarify and refine priorities for the protection of life, property, and critical infrastructure in the wildland-urban interface. Right now you have the opportunity to comment on that process. The URL is posted in the Chat. Thank you to you guys and all your coworkers in the fire department for all your work, and we’ll assist you in getting information out about the drill.

John Crockett – Washoe County Library Incline Branch Head Librarian, IV Mobility Hub Committee Member

We have the young Shakespeare folks coming over from Sand Harbor to do a presentation for all ages on Wednesday August 2 at 4pm. We still have spaces available for our 2-day Lego Robotics camp Tuesday August 8 and Wednesday August 9. You need to register online. We have two vacancies on our Library Board of Trustees. If you’re interested in serving a 4-year term on the board, the application is on our library website until August 4. Your duties are attending monthly meetings, reviewing director reports from essentially the boss or supervisor or the library director. You do not have input on budget or programs. But it includes overseeing what’s going on at the library and acting as liaisons between the library director and Washoe County commissioners as well as our Friends of the Library. I’m happy to answer any questions. The applications are open until August 4.

Yolanda Knaak – Incline Village Resident

Who reviews the books purchased by the library?

John Crockett

We have a collections librarian Debbie Steers at the administrative level. And we have a collection-development policy. That’s another duty of the library board. The trustees review and approve those policies. Part of the tenets of our policy is that we choose books across a range of ideas and perspectives. We try to choose topics across the spectrum to present different ideas to the community. We also select specific books for different library branches. Here we have a Tahoe collection. Sparks has a railway collection. Downtown Reno has a Reno history collection. We select from well-known publishers that are reviewed, and that are popular or timely topics and from a range of perspectives.

Yolanda Knaak

Can I get a copy of the selections?

John Crockett

Absolutely. Also our collection-development director Debbie Steers will be presenting this collection policy to the Washoe County library on August 15th. So if you want the expert presentation, check that out.

The farmers market will continue until around Labor Day on Thursdays from 3-6pm.

Also, we’ll host the Board of County Commissioner (BCC) livestream and public comment when there is an agenda item specific to Incline Village. They send that information out on Thursday before the BCC meeting. If there are things like cannabis lounges in IV, the Washoe-Tahoe Housing Partnership… or other Incline specific agenda item, we’ll host the livestream here, and we’ll give you a heads up the Thursday before.

Linda Offerdahl – Incline Village Community and Business Association Executive Director

I just got back from vacation so I don’t have a lot to say. I’m sure you all have seen that on Tuesday Washoe County Commissioners gave a grant to IVCBA for $75,000 for the Mainstreet initiative, which I call the “community connection” initiative. The funds will help us establish a liaison for Washoe County up at the lake. We are looking at a transportation study. Dave Solaro has reached out to us to move further on the [16:55 inaudible] plan. We’ll do community engagement for the housing partnership, workforce transportation—bringing the nonprofits together.  There’s a whole host of things that fall under that category.

Mainstreet is a national program. There’s a Nevada one. And then IVCBA also has  something called a Mainstreet Program. There will be more to come after I’ve had meetings with the county and as we figure out how to move forward. We want to hire a Mainstreet manager. We tried this spring, but that didn’t work out so well.

John Crockett

I’d like to add to that. One of the things we’d like to focus on in the fall is getting community input on Improvements to some of our transit stops. I also serve on the mobility hub committee. They are still in the process of determining the site and scope of that project. But something that came out of the community input was the need to improve bus stops we already have for safety, which makes a lot of sense. So Dave Solaro was very receptive to that. That will be part of the plan for the fall.

Denise Davis

I don’t see Jen or McKenna to talk to us about roads. But you can get road construction updates at www.inclinehighways.com. All I can tell you is their schedule is from Sunday evening at 8pm until Friday noon. The area they’re working on is from the roundabout at the bottom of 431. They’re working on milling and paving 28 towards Crystal Bay. Also, there is work going on at Marlette Creek on 28 over by the Thunderbird on a drainage issue.

Kathie Julian

Can I comment on that, because I’ve been in touch with NDOT staff. And he confirmed that there is no private construction on SR 28 between Incline and Crystal Bay. The only permitted road construction going on is NDOT safety and pavement work being done there. So it’s not Southwest Gas or any other entity.

Yolanda Knaak

Crystal Peak is closed due to paving.

Denise Davis

Thanks. All right. County announcements are as follows.

• There is no Washoe County Commissioner meeting this Tuesday. There’s nothing posted, but they took down their calendar. So if you also miss the calendar, tell your county commissioner.

* As a reminder, July 31 is your final day to file your personal and business property declaration. The assessor will be holding a training session on July 27.

* There’s a meeting July 24 regarding the Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe tubing hill being proposed. Information on that is in the Chat.

* There are openings on the Board of Equalization, which does property assessments.

• There are openings on the Library Board as John said.

* The county has implemented a new mechanism to provide comment at WCC and other meetings called “Speak Up.” You’re able to send comments virtually during meetings, so we don’t have to be in-person in chambers in Reno for WCC meetings. That’s a step forward. Thank you very much.

• The Incline CAB meets August 7.

Jeff Cowen – Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Information Officer

I have a couple of things, so thanks very much. I’m glad to be back with you. I tried to make it to the June 30th meeting, which was not happening, and I was out of the office the next week. So I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve seen you.

Just real quick, in August the annual Lake Tahoe Legislative Summit is returning this year to Kings Beach August 9th. I’ll put the registration link in the Chat. Anybody who wants to can attend in person or online. It’s a really great annual event that recommits federal partnerships and funding to environmental restoration work. That’s going to be a great event from 10-12. Register online.

Coming up quickly is the TRPA Governing Board meeting next week on July 26 in South Lake Tahoe. Highlights on the agenda include a forest-health update including our forest-health manager Cat McIntire giving a summary of emergency response coordination, which the TRPA is helping with throughout the region; a transportation equity study; as well as an agency work plan for the coming year. This is where the rubber hits the road for our governing board addressing issues stakeholders around the region are asking us to focus on. The work plan reflects what the major priorities are for the region and addresses a lot of the challenges.

The TRPA Executive Director “coffee talk” will be held August 17 at the Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) building on the UNR Tahoe campus from 5:30 to 6:30.

Links to all are in the Chat. I look forward to seeing you guys. And I’m here to answer any questions.

Kristina Hill – Incline Village Resident

Hey, Jeff, how’s it going? [thumbs up] I’m reading Julie Regan’s article in the Tahoe Tribune. She mentions there’s concern about microplastics in the lake. And I’m flabbergasted that the TRPA doesn’t realize all the piers are made out of plastic. If you Google TREX decking – not the TREX website, because they won’t tell you what it’s made of—but if you Google “what is TREX decking made of,” it’s made of recycled plastic milk cartons.  

I think it’s really important that TRPA recognizes that and takes steps to ban plastic decking from construction around the lake. Every pier being built is made out of TREX decking, and it’s going right into the lake. I have friends who are kayakers, who have taken pictures of the plastic “clouds” in the middle of the lake. There is plastic debris everywhere. But it’s not just from single-use water bottles. It starts from the lake with piers and decks being constructed into the lake. I want to bring that to your attention. I don’t know what we can do to get the information to the Governing Board or to Tiffany or whoever would be in charge. It reminds me of the effort back in the 1980s to ban 2-stroke engines in the lake. Were you around then?

Jeff Cohen

No, I was a cab driver in South Shore.

Kristina Hill

Anyway, it was a big deal. And the guy who started it was Steve Wynn, the owner of the Wynn Hotels. He was successful in banning 2-stroke engines. And I think we need to ban plastic from pier construction. Thank you.

Denise Davis

Okay. Remember this coming Wednesday July 26 is the TRPA Governing Board and committee meetings. It’s your opportunity to advise them of that.

Kathie Julian

For Jeff, I posted links in the Chat to the Wall Street Journal article regarding lead-covered phone cables in Lake Tahoe. It would be great if TRPA could come out with some information about that. Thank you.

Jeff Cowen

We got a petition from AT&T contractors last year. We approved a permit for the removal process in March of this year. We haven’t heard anything more from them about slowing down. I think that in the article you posted from last year, they said they were still getting organized, and were looking at this year. As far as we know, this year they are moving forward with that project. We’ve done everything we can to this point to help get it done.

Kathie Julian

My understanding from their recent statement on CNBC News is that they’re backing off from that agreement. That’s documented in the press release they issued.

Jeff Cowen

I’ll look into it. I don’t think we’ve heard anything about that yet. But, hopefully not.

Margaret Martini

Before, relative to affordable housing, you mentioned compliance on certain properties. Basically Incline Village is my interest. You said you had something like 85% compliance on the moderate-income housing properties. I’m wondering where I can I find that information to see how they have come into compliance and what you’re doing about compliance, and where I can get information about what the compliance factors are?

Jeff Cowen

Yes, for sure. We just have a couple of quick summaries I can send over to you. I’ve been sharing that with a few community members in Incline and Kathie Julian as well. There were deed restrictions for affordable housing adopted over the years in Incline Village. We did a survey as part of our new compliance program, for everything going forward. There were a lot… 75 deed-restrictions I think. But 85% of those were not in compliance – and are now coming under the regular compliance program moving forward. So I’ll get all the information I can on that, Margaret.

Margaret Martini

When there’s a transfer of property that wasn’t in compliance with the parameters of the “moderate income,” when the property transfers ownership, do you actually monitor that relative to the purchaser’s level of income etc.? What kind of monitoring do you have?

Jeff Cowen

So the compliance program going forward has annual reporting. The owners have to submit a report showing the income levels of residents and rent levels. So we’re bringing all these existing deed-restricted properties into compliance with that. As far as transfers go when a property is sold, I have to check with Karen. I think that is regulated well through the title companies. I’m not sure what we do when it’s already required to be deed-compliant from the Assessors office, because it’s a deed-restriction on the title.

Margaret Martini

Is there a link we can go to on the TRPA website that gives all the parameters of the properties, etc.?

Jeff Cowen

It’s spread around in a few reports. So I’ll put them together in a better way for you Margaret and others. I’ll see if Karen can help me get them on a good spot on the website.

Kristina Hills

I think there is a Request-For-Proposals (RFP) out for someone to monitor that—not to enforce it, but just to monitor that according to St Joseph’s Community Land Trust.

Denise Davis

I did also ask a real-estate professional about the deed restrictions, and they said it should come up in the title report if there is one.

Doug Flaherty – Incline Village Resident, Tahoe Clean Air Director

Yes, thank you. Jeff, given the recent Supreme Court decision in April supporting the fact that the Supreme Court feels that compacts like TRPA are construed under Contract Law – I was wondering where does the TRPA get its authority to grant bonus units?

Jeff Cowen

I’ll tell you what I know.  But about the Supreme Court decision, I’ll have to circle back with everybody. The Bi-state Compact vested the authority of the states over land use regulation into TRPA, and that was ratified by Congress. The Compact directed us to create a Regional Plan that had land -use growth-management policies. That Regional Plan was adopted by the Governing Board. The bonus units come from the growth management system. So I guess that’s the authority you’re looking for. It’s part of the growth management plan.

Doug Flaherty

Okay. Thank you.

Denise Davis

Thank you Jeff. At the last meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, UNR President Brian Sandoval gave an extensive presentation, part of which covered the proposed plan for the campus up here at the old Sierra Nevada University. So if you’re interested in that, the URL will be in the Chat. You can also find it on youtube or the Washoe County channel, and President Sandoval starts at timestamp 38 minutes.

• The Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) will have its board meeting on August 2.  The TTD Finance Committee will be meeting.

• July 31 the Incline Mobility Hub committee—which is the bus hub – will be meeting at 5:30. The agenda is not available yet.

• Mark your calendars for August 14th for the TTD Mobility workshop, which will be put on by the same group as last winter’s workshop.  

Ann Nichols – Crystal Bay Resident, North Lake Tahoe Preservation Alliance Director

The Alliance is having a big meeting on this Wednesday July 26th at the Kings Beach Event Center from 5:30-7:30. We will feature really good speakers on a multitude of issues. It’s kind of the alternative view in contrast to what you hear from the TRPA. Sorry Jeff. It’s the other view of all the things TRPA is coming up with right now and how they will affect the public including everything from the Stewardship Program to – as I think Kathie Julian said– holes in the achievable-housing definition “you could drive a truck through.” Basically there’s no income cap. And there’s new proposed code for allowing increased height, density, and coverage. There’s all this stuff going on. We need to be able to ask questions, which is very difficult in their public meetings. So we will have questions, you can hear what’s going on, and we’d love it if you would come. Thank you.

Miranda Jacobson – Incline Village Resident, Tahoe Daily Tribune Reporter

I’m just wondering about that meeting, will the TRPA be speaking at that meeting?

Ann Nichols

We hear from them a lot. We hear from TRPA ad nauseum. They just got another half page in the Tahoe Tribune. It’s every week.  I really wish the Tribune— the new editor— I hope there’s going to be a change in how this stuff is covered—that there’s more skepticism.

Miranda Jacobson

I think it’s hard for us to be able to cover it if everyone is not allowed to have a voice at the meeting.

Ann Nichols

You can come.

Denise Davis

She’s talking about if TRPA is not at the meeting.

Ann Nichols

I’m not saying TRPA can’t come. They can come if they want, but they won’t be on the dais, that’s all. Anybody can come. That would be great.

Doug Flaherty

I just posted a link to the sober report on the victims who died in the Paradise Fire. If you open that link, it has photos of everyone who died, and where they were at when they died. Very sad. I also wanted to note that we are proposing and preparing legal action against the US Forest Service for purposefully growing wildfires in the forests surrounding Lake Tahoe. They also deposit nitrogen-phosphorus into the impaired waters of Lake Tahoe, without the proper environmental impact studies required under the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) policy act. If you want more information on that, you can go to Tahoecleanair.org, and click on the link on the lower right hand side of the screen. It’s very visible. I hope all of you take a look at that. Thank you so much.

Denise Davis

As an enticement for those who attend in person, John Crockett brought us donuts today. That’s just a little reward for coming in person. We have donuts on occasion. Thanks, John. I remind everyone that at Galena Creek Park on Fridays starting at 7:30, they serve s’mores and a program. So if you find yourself in Reno on a Friday evening, cruise past the Galena Creek Park. Tonight’s program is Stargazing, and next Friday is classic rock with the Birches. That’s something fun to do if you happen to be down the hill.

There is a long list of URLS in the Chat and in the recap. Some things we didn’t have time to cover. So, last call or questions? Seeing none, please stay safe, stay aware, stay out of the heat, and we’ll see you at our next meeting August 4th. Thanks.

Ann Nichols
Blaine Beard
Chris King
Chris Wood
Denise Davis
Doug Flaherty
Helen Neff
Jeff Cowen
Jennifer Greenough
John Crockett
John Feliz
John James
Kathie Julian
Kristina Hill
Linda Offerdahl
Margaret Martini
Michaela Tonking
Ronda Tycer
Ryan Sommers
Shirley Appel
Tia Rancourt
Tiffany Clements
Todd Lowe
Yolanda Knaak


And here is the chat log (from 9:25 on):

09:27:07               From  kathie julian : Check out the July 6 2022 Wall Street Journal article and podcast on AT&Ts lead covered cables in the US, including in Lake Tahoe.  Moonshine Ink reported on this in Aug 2022.  AT&T is backing off from an earlier agreement to remove the cables (in Emerald Bay area).

09:27:17               From  kathie julian : https://www.wsj.com/podcasts/the-journal/america-is-wrapped-in-toxic-lead-cables/67818cba-728c-4b17-8132-45d4a4bbe63c

09:27:22               From  Washoe County Libraries   to   Jeff Cowen – Tahoe Regional Planning Agency(Direct Message) : Thank you so much, Jeff.  I thought I started it earlier.

09:27:45               From  Jeff Cowen – Tahoe Regional Planning Agency   to   Washoe County Libraries(Direct Message) : Yeah I heard you say it, so just thought I’d double check. Thanks!

09:27:54               From  kathie julian : https://www.moonshineink.com/tahoe-news/why-is-it-taking-so-long-for-att-to-remove-the-abandoned-cables-from-under-lake-tahoe/

09:30:32               From  Washoe County Libraries : Folks, this is John at the library, I did not start recording the meeting until 9:25 am, fyi.

09:32:00               From  bro_c : PLease explain CWPP. What is it and where will it be posted. Also, I would like to understand what type of information is valuable re: wildfires. Thank you.

09:48:45               From  Jeff Cowen – Tahoe Regional Planning Agency : 2023 Tahoe Summit August 9, 10 a.m. -12 p.m. in Kings Beach

TRPA Governing Board July 26


-Forest Health Update and Summary of Emergency Response Coordination

-Transportation Equity Study Draft Policies

-Tahoe Regional Trails Strategy Report

-Agency 2023/24 Work Plan

TRPA Talks August 17 at TERC/UNR Tahoe 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.


09:50:59               From  Doug Flaherty : From Doug Flaherty, TahoeCleanAir.org

09:51:34               From  Doug Flaherty : Link to Paradise Fire Victims and where they were when they died. https://www.kcra.com/article/these-are-the-victims-of-camp-fire/32885128

09:52:13               From  kathie julian : ** TRPA and Placer County Have Their Sights Set on Tahoe Money Again 

NLT Preservation Alliance Meeting at Events Center in Kings Beach on Wednesday, July 26, 2023 from 5:30-7:30

8318 N Lake Blvd.

Six knowledgeable speakers on important topics:

Fire and Evacuation

Tahoe Stewardship/Tourism Plan

TRPA Trashes Tahoe

TRPA and Counties Are Skewed for Development

Hwy 50 Lane Reduction

TRPA/Placer New Code for More

Height, Density and Coverage.

&”Achievable Housing” Loopholes You Could Drive a Truck Through

Get your questions answered.

Find out what you can do.

North Tahoe Preservation Alliance

P.O. Box 4

Crystal Bay, NV 89402


** preserve@ntpac.org (mailto:preserve@ntpac.org)

09:55:52               From  kathie julian : There are 95 deed restricted properties in Incline Village as per TRPA.

09:56:45               From  kathie julian : Is any of the information on the deed-restricted housing readily available to the public?  Is there transparency?

09:57:37               From  kathie julian : Who will enforce the deed restrictions????

09:59:02               From  bro_c : Has TRPA done any analysis on the impact that STRs have had on housing availability?

09:59:33               From  kathie julian : What is TRPA’s record on enforcing Deed- Restrictions?  How many violations have slipped through the cracks?  Where is the data?

10:02:52               From  Doug Flaherty : Information on a potential lawsuit against the USFS for depositing Nitrogen and Phosphorus into the impaired waters of Lake Tahoe. Go to TahoeCleanAir.org and click on the Link on the home screen.

10:03:23               From  kathie julian : Has the Tahoe Tribune reported on the AT&T cable issue?

10:04:21               From  Miranda Jacobson : Replying to “Has the Tahoe Tribun…”

Not recently, definitely something to look into if there is new informtation

10:04:25               From  Miranda Jacobson : Replying to “Has the Tahoe Tribun…”


10:04:51               From  Jeff Cowen – Tahoe Regional Planning Agency : bro_c

TRPA requires local governments to adopt VHR compliance programs. They are reviewed every two years. The requirements are basic so that each jurisdiction can regulate short-term rentals in their own way.

10:04:55               From  kathie julian : Replying to “Has the Tahoe Tribun…”

Please examine the WSJ reporting.

10:05:48               From  bro_c : So no one has done a study on how the STRs are impacting local housing availability for workers.

10:06:05               From  bro_c : Thanks Jeff

10:06:07               From  Jeff Cowen – Tahoe Regional Planning Agency : Not that I know of.

10:06:17               From  Jeff Cowen – Tahoe Regional Planning Agency : City of SLT has good data.


Our email is:


Washoe County Sheriff Office (WCSO)

non-emergency dispatch  775-785-9276

Incline substation Facebook page


North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District website


non-emergency fire dispatch (Grass Valley)  530-477-0641, then pick 7

defensible space info


Lake Tahoe Basin CWPP (Community Wildfire Protection Plan) update – survey closes August 31


QR code available at nltfpd.org

helping Tahoe residents and visitors prepare for wildfire


Washoe County emergency alert sign-up


Washoe Regional Emergency Information Center


Tahoe Fire and Fuels Team (TFFT) prescribed burn info


road construction updates


July 24 – IVGID Audit Committee meeting


July 24 – Neighborhood meeting – Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe tubing hill


July 26 – TRPA Governing Board and committee meetings


July 26 – IVGID BOT meeting


July 31 – IV Mobility Committee (bus hub) meeting

Aug 2 – TTD Board and Finance Committee meetings


Aug 9 – Lake Tahoe Summit – Kings Beach – REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Aug 14 – IV mobility hub public information workshop


Aug 16 – Incline Village Evacuation EXERCISE

Aug 17 – “TRPA Talks” with Julie Regan – Incline Village  5:30 pm

reserve your spot by sending an email to  trpa@trpa.gov


Tahoe boating app

Tunnel Creek Singletrack Trail info

Lake Tahoe Destination Stewardship Plan 


US Senator Rosen has created a statewide Senior Resource Guide

Galena Creek Regional Park S’more Family Fun Fridays

Washoe County Clerk’s Office begins processing NEW passport applications Aug 1


SpeakUp – Washoe County’s new public comment platform


brief intro about the Lands Bill


all applications for Washoe County Commission District 1


Neighborhood Meetings for upcoming projects


Washoe311 – request for service

call 311 or 775-328-2003


Washoe County board and commission openings


IV/CB Community 1st meetings and community info


IVCBA (Incline Village Crystal Bay Community and Business Association)


video of BCC July 18 meeting

UNR President Brian Sandoval begins at timestamp 38:00




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